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3D Millennium 3D Textures, models,tutorials and lots of other free stuff.
3D Millennium 3D Textures, models,tutorials and lots of other free stuff.

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Welcome to the Worlds Largest Collection of 3D Models in the world. We are happy to invite you to CADalyst 3D and hope you enjoy your visit and find everything you are looking for. We are always endevouring to fulfill all your needs and offer one source for these needs. If there is something you would like to see beyond what we currently supply please dont hesitate to let us know. We wish to display NEW work that you may be particularly proud of so we will be holding a contest for the best model of APRIL 2006. So show us your best work and we will display the top 3 Models on our home page.


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Below is a program to view and import most 3D formats and view your own 3D Creations.

3D Explorer is an easy-to-use 3D viewer for Windows 95, 98, NT, ME and 2000. This application lets you view popular 3D file formats including the common 2D file types. Easy 3D navigation tools let you instantly explore 3D objects and scenes from any angle with many optional light source settings. You can even use 3D Exploration to present a slide show of a folder's images or create high quality renderings of 3D objects and scenes for use in any other graphic applications. It is extremely fast and includes Open GL hardware accelerator support. It is ideal for beginner, intermediate and professional 3D artists.
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