Effects Tutorials
Creating an  asteroid This tutorial is designed for advanced 3dsmaxers, I plan to cover how to create an aseteroid in 3D studio max using only max's standard plugins. Essentially most of the work in creating the asteroid is done through three areas, particles, lighting and texturing. All three of these areas are what make up the asteroids actual look and feel.
Creating Realistic Water For all of you, advanced users of 3DSMAX, I wont bother you with a step by step detailed tutorial, therefore the quick'n'dirty procedure comes first. This tutorial also has a step by step version on how to create water, for the non advanced users, which follows after the quick'n'dirty explanation.
This Old House This tutorial shows what you can do to make your objects look old and how to use light and volumetric effects to render a picture with a right mood.
Creating Underwater Scenes Creating underwater scenes is one of those things. You need to know how to do it. And it's also quite easy to do, especially with 3D Studio MAX. MAX has a lot of features built in that are very useful for creating those ship-wreck environment. This tutorial shows you how to easily build a believable underwater-environment, and you need to know how to use environment effects (fog and volume lights) and a few features in the material editor.
Landscape In this tutorial I show an easy way to make nice ground texture.
Model a dolphin You can animate a dolphin using bones,just like in LightWave 3d, but if you want to do the same on 3DStudio Max you will need phisique or use morphs targets,but the final result won't be enought, morphing between meshes will do the movement,but not the perfect effect that the dolphin is moving across the ocean.
Realism Is there some way to make an object in max look like something other than plastic?" This quip, posted on the Discreet support Website some time ago, has since become legend.