Modeling Tutorials
Body Modeling - Modeling with Meshsmooth This article gives a basic overview of how I created my 3D anime character. It is loosely based off of a spline modeling tutorial from Hash Animation Master.
Cartoony Eyes Eyes, perhaps one of the more critical and emotive parts of a character, can be difficult to setup. This tutorial shows how to rig a basic spherical cartoony eye rig in 3D Studio MAX, though the basic principles should carry over to other packages.
Realistic Jewelry Some people asked Dean Kezan how he made this image, so he decided to show you some step by step instructions for building something similar. The image was made for 3Dluvr contest 'My Precious'
FFD Vase The purpose of this tutorial is to give you working knowledge of FreeFormDeformation tools, and one of the uses for Boolean Operations, not to teach you how to make a vase.
Clothing Modeling This time we learn how to make some kind of clothing "over" our character that we built before.
Creating a realistic apple. In this tutorial you will see how to create a photo realistic apple using only procedural maps.
Football tutorial Learn to make you own "real" soccerball in 3D Studio MAX. The method described in this tutorial is a bit more advanced then making a simple sphere and putting a texture map on it. This is because the type of ball described in this tutorial can be seen very close, and it has the small cracks between the small leather pieces that forms the ball.
"It's all  in the eyes" Creating a character is one thing but creating a character in 3d that has depth is another. In life, the eye is a window to the soul. Eyes show inner thought because they have depth to them. At some level we read the eye ball without even knowing how or why certain looks evoke an emotion. We can compare this to body language.
Creating Realistic Water For all of you, advanced users of 3DSMAX, I wont bother you with a step by step detailed tutorial, therefore the quick'n'dirty procedure comes first. This tutorial also has a step by step version on how to create water, for the non advanced users, which follows after the quick'n'dirty explanation.
Bumpy Guitar I searched for a long time a solution for modelize the Bumpy board of this guitar. All software I had was'nt able to make it exactely as I wanted. Finally I found the solution with Displace mapping IPAS Plug in. Basicaly it work as the Space Warp in MAX. Using this tool to create some shape gives good results with precision. The picture of the guitar is on the gallery in larger resolution.
Cave Scene (2) In this tutorial we're going to make a nice looking bridge for a cave scene. This tutorial is rather long one, but simple. We'll use basic modeling techniques with basic shapes like cylinders, boxes, toruses etc. to create a more realistic scene. I assume that you have at the least some experience in using 3D Studio Max.
Facial Modeling - Spline Modeling Heads With the advent of more powerful 3D software, the ability to create organic shapes has improved much over the last few years. Artists are no longer restricted to simple geometric objects, and are free to easily create flowing, more natural items. Of these, the human head is one that is often chosen because of it's distinctiveness, and uses in animation.
Grow a better Lawn This tutorial will use 3D Max to help you grow grass for background and outdoor scenes.
Guide  to making a polygonal head in 3DSMAX This tutorial is not meant to be a step by step guide on how to create a face. This is more of a record on how I constructed the model Bob, using a very cool Max3 feature called NURMS. There are a lot of excellent facial modelling tutorials on the net, so I figured that I will just focus more on the techniques that I use. Hopefully you, the readers, will get something out of it.
How to Make an Oil Barrel When considering to make some kind of metal there are a few things you should keep in mind. Like the age of the metal, what type of metal is it and is it rusted etc..An old metal that's been outside or not taken care of should have rust, dirt, scratches etc. on it, and some bumps maybe. You should also take into consideration the reflection, does the metal reflect the environment or is it oxidiced or galvanized?
Modeling a face with Max This tutorial will take you through a unique technique for creating a face in 3D Studio Max 1.2 (NOT NURBS). You can also use this as a reference for 3D Studio.
Polygonal  Modeling Polygon modeling is a very powerful technique and though with today's technology a lot of animation houses have leaned towards NURBS and the others who use MAX usually settle for NURBS or Surface Tools. A small number of people in the art industry use polygons as their primary modeling technique.
Tree Modeling I've got many "How do you do your trees?" questions. That's why I ended up doing this tutorial. This tutorial doesn't use any plugins. All you need is 3D Studio Max.